Latest News

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J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2021, 12, 4504

 7 Oct. 2021. Congratulations to Juan Gurruchaga for obtaining his PhD title today! Brilliant!

1 Sept. 2021. Francesco Gambino and Sergio Castillo start their PhD in the group (joint supervision with Fernando López Gallego).

1 Aug. 2021. Juan Sanchez Camacho is now a PhD student in the group. Congrats!

17 May 2021. Juan Sanchez Camacho joins the group as research fellow! Welcome!

7 Feb. 2021. Maria Jesus Moran Plata (Univesity of Turin) is awarded a MCSA-IF to join the group!

3 Jan. 2021. German Pieslinger from the University of Buenos Aires joins the group for 6 months. Welcome!!

7 Oct. 2020. PhD position(s) in bioorthogonal photocatalysis available! Contact Luca for more details.

7-9 Sept. 2020. AEBIN Photochemistry School 2020! Thank you to all the 170 attendees from 15 different countries around the Globe. 

2 Sept. 2020. Laura's and Alvaro's articles published in Chem. Commun. with Internal Cover (coming soon).

7 July 2020. Results from Alessio's MCSA project published in an interesting article in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.! Great collaborations!


8 May 2020. Our recent ACS Catal. (collaboration with Virginia Martinez-Martinez) has been highlighted by EDINBURGH INSTRUMENTS.

25 Apr. 2020. The AEBIN Photochemistry School 2020 will be in video conferencing due to Covid-19. 

10 Feb. 2020. The group will organize the AEBIN Photochemistry School 2020 in San Sebastiàn!