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ACS Catal. 2020, 10, 187

8 May 2020. Our recent ACS Catal. (collaboration with Virginia Martinez-Martinez) has been highlighted by EDINBURGH INSTRUMENTS.

25 Apr. 2020. The AEBIN Photochemistry School 2020 will be in video conferencing due to Covid-19. 

10 Feb. 2020. The group will organize the AEBIN Photochemistry School 2020 in San Sebastiàn!

10 Dec. 2019. Super congratulations to Alessio Terenzi who will join the University of Palermo as Associate Professor from next January!!

5 Dec. 2019. Congratulation to Juan for his ACS Catal. 2020, 10, 187-196!!!!

4-5 Dec. 2019. Save the date 2! Biomapp19!

8 Nov. 2019. Save the date! "From bioinorganic chemistry to catalysis" workshop, 3rd edition.


31 Oct. 2019. Thanks Nicolò for your great work in the group. We'll see you soon!

15 July 2019. Luca is now a board member of the AEBIN!


2 May 2019. We welcome Nicolò Orsoni (University of Parma) who will spend six months of his PhD with us.

10 Mar. 2019. Luca is traveling to the University of Turin where he will give a course on bioinorganic chemistry and photochemistry.


15 Jan. 2019. Federica is back for few extra months!

31 Dec. 2018. Silvia leaves the group after four years. Thanks a lot for your great work and good luck!

13 Dec. 2018. Outstanding Alessio at AsBIC9! Grande!

21 Nov. 2018. New article on the photocatalytic activation of Pt(IV) prodrugs just published on Scientific Reports!


3 Nov. 2018. Laura Mazzei joins the group for her PhD (co-supervised by Aitziber Cortajarena, CIC biomaGUNE)


26 Oct. 2018. Silvia Alonso is now a doctor! Congratulations for your PhD!

6 Sept. 2018. Alvaro Martinez joins the group as MCSA-IF fellow! Welcome and good luck.

16 May 2018. Alessio and Luca give a talk in Pint of Science (Donostia).

2 May 2018. Federica Guarra (University of Pisa) just arrived to spend six months of her PhD with us.

21 Mar. 2018. Our Angewandte paper highlighted on ChemistryViews.

8 Mar. 2018. Our VIP article on Angew. Chem. Int. Ed is out with its Cover! Check it out!!!

29 Jan. 2018. Alvaro Martinez Ceballos (University of Padua, Mancin Group) will join us with a MCSA-IF fellowship! Congratulations!!!!

24 Jan. 2018. Silvia publishes her second work on flavins and prodrugs in Angewandte! Congrats!!!​

17 Nov. 2017. SHIFT' 17 wonderful video:


23 Oct. 2017. Juan and Luca working in the lab of Prof. Fabrizio Mancin at the University of Padua. Going organic!


19 Oct. 2017. I am extremely pleased to announce that Dr. Alessio Terenzi will join the group as MCSA-IF fellow in March 2018.

2 Oct. 2017. Emmanuel Ruggiero, former PhD student in the group, gets a postdoctoral position at BASF in Germany! Congrats!!!!!

15 Sept. 2017. Good luck to Susana Velasco who leaves the group to move to Zaragoza with Prof. Fernando López-Gallego.

11 July 2017. Susana Velasco joins the group for three months. Welcome!

5 July 2017. Silvia traveling to St. Andrews and Bilbao for presenting her work on the riboflavin photoactivation of Pt(IV) prodrugs.

1 July 2017. Silvia back from Vienna for a few days!

6 June 2017. Check out our interesting workshop on Bioinorganic Chemistry and Catalysis.

13 April 2017. Congratulations to Silvia for publishing her work on bioorthogonal catalysis in Chem. Sci.!

3 April 2017. New PhD student joins the group. Welcome Juan Gurruchaga!

1 April 2017. Silvia goes to Vienna for three months to work in the group of Prof. Walter Berger

27 February 2017. SHIFT2017 conference, new logo published! Visit

27 January 2017. Dr. Alessio Terenzi (INDICAR fellow, University of Wien) is awarded a prestigious MCSA-IF fellowship to join the group!!!!

1 January 2017. We have moved to DIPC (Donostia International Physics Center)

27 December 2016. Silvia obtains an FPI traveling grant to go to Vienna!


1 October 2016. Emmanuel joins Cabro Spa for a new adventure, see you soon!

20 May 2016. Emmanuel gets his PhD!


20 March 2016. Jackpot (Idaho), 20 black!


12 March 2016. All the group goes to USA! San Diego ACS Spring Meeting


19 January 2016. Emmanuel's and Abraha's article on Chem. Eur. J. published on line!


11 January 2016. Emmanuel thesis progressing...


18 November 2015. Our first article in J. Chem. Ed. published


19 October 2015. Silvia attending the COST CM1403 cell biology training in Graz


9 October 2015. Emmanuel finishes his first PhD thesis chapter! Still a long way to go


11 Sept 2015. Silvia flying to Belgrade for the Joint WG1+WG5 COST CM1105 Meeting!


9 Sept 2015. Silvia's first oral Oxford! (9th icfe conference)

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