Research lines

1. Near Infrared Light Photochemistry

Our group is interested in developing new approaches to exploit the rich photochemistry of transition metal complexes under near infrared (NIR) light excitation. In the NIR, light penetrates deeper into tissues and induces none or limited damage to biological components, which is ideal for application in biology and medicine. In our laboratory, we prepare and functionalize upconverting nanoparticles and use them as photochemical triggers for activating metal-based prodrug systems under 980-nm irradiation.






MINECO CTQ2016-80844-R (AEI / FEDER, UE), 2017-2020

MINECO CTQ2012-39315, 2013-2016

MCSA  CIG 321791, 2013-2016





2. Bioorthogonal photocatalytic activation of anticancer metal complexes


Bioorthogonal catalysis is a chemical toolkit to perform highly selective and efficient reactions in biological environments (e.g. cells), avoiding off target reactions with biological components. The discovery of new bioorthogonal strategies may result in novel concepts for drug design and development.

In this project we employ flavins as photocatalysts and anticancer metal complexes as unconventional substrates to achieve the generation of cytotoxic metal-based species with extremely low light doses and bioorthogonal selectivity.

NIR Light

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MINECO CTQ2016-80844-R (AEI / FEDER, UE), 2017-2020


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